Reddys Global Industries

Mining Prospecting, Exploration & Equipment Supply

Mining Prospecting & Exploration

Reddys Global Industries is one of the very few enterprises that has a robust network of suppliers, logistic partners, technology consultants and mining domain experts, operating from the African terrain.

We ensure that our clients get the most value for their association with us, as their end-to-end suppliers of resources, machines and manpower for the mining industry.

Exploration Management

We test targets, right from grassroots to resource definition of drilling projects.

Ore Resource Reporting

We review ore resources in accordance to regulatory reporting requirements.

Mine Design

We deliver optimized mine designs that make effective use of mine development and capital equipment.

Mining Machinery Imports

We provide analysis and interpretations that support key project decisions and development strategies. The service includes:

  • Audit and financial analysis services to protect and safeguard potential investor interests.
  • Import of mining machinery from the best sources across the globe, catering to compliance standards.

Technical Due Diligence

We provide comprehensive and integrated technical services that ensure that all major risk areas between traditional disciplines are thoroughly covered

  • Data analysis and technology services compliant with global standards.
  • Technical feasibility and consultancy support on a continuous basis, ensuring that your technology assets are supported all year round.

Local Knowledge & Reputation

As a global company with an extensive network of offices in the African continent, we employ local experts who understand local cultural and legislative practices.

Over the years we have built a reputation for our reports, recommendations and service support that carry considerable weight with our global partners and banks.