Reddys Global Industries

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reddys Global - CSR

Reddys Global Industries is a significant player in beverage market of Africa. We have our own blending and packaging units spread across Africa. We ensure that our services and products respect the soil of Africa, and the resources remain with her people, for generations to come.

We understand and take pride in this responsibility for inclusive growth. One of the key tenets of our CSR policy is equal opportunities, better living conditions and respect for the environment.

Our equal opportunities tenet finds space in education for the under-privileged, providing equal opportunities for local population, enabling them with the right skills to be employed in technical fields. We've sponsored many regional beauty pageants, National Sports clubs and sporting events and encourage activities that nurture young people and local talent.

Our sustainable environment initiatives extend all the way down the supply chain. Right from the choice of bio degradable plastic for single-use sachets for beverages; exploring economic models that create incentives for collection and reuse of packaging material, to increasing awareness about minimizing the environmental impact of packaging itself, there is a lot of stress on bio-friendly packaging. This extends to the effective effluent disposal in our blending units and introducing energy-efficiency as a way of life at all stages of production.

On an average more than 4000 people are benefited, directly or indirectly, in every country that Reddys Global Industries operates from – spanning across education, creating improved living conditions, working towards better environment, offering better salaries and wages than the rest of the industry, providing equal opportunities for employment and on the whole, greater respect for holistic development of the individual.