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Reddys Global - About Us

Reddys Global Industries is a conglomeration of enterprises spread across Africa. The group focuses on providing end-to-end solutions and has a strong penetration in the beverage market through the brands Zed, Royal, Flame and Samson.

With over 15 years in the beverage market and a vision for innovation and development, Reddys Global Industries has successfully evolved from being a predominantly marketing and brand-focused company based out of Africa to becoming a global organization with a portfolio of strong brands in the beverages segment.

Reddys Global Industries is a family-owned business that proudly serves as the critical link between spirit suppliers and retail outlets, where alcoholic beverage brands are legally and responsibly sold and enjoyed.

The vision of Reddys Global Industries is to offer opportunities for our suppliers, customers, associates, industry, and community to Explore, Enlighten and Enhance their lives through us.

The principal management team is made of the brother duo, Y.S. Anil Reddy and Y.S. Sunil Reddy.

Y.S.Anil Reddy:

Anil Reddy, is an entrepreneur with innovation as his DNA. The enterprise has taken shape around his vision, right from the time he first stepped onto the African shores. In his role as Founder and Managing Director Anil is a gifted administrator and marketing strategist. He is a natural when it comes to problem solving and is a quick thinker who can react to the market needs with agility. His ability to see the potential of the African market in various segments, strategizing for each region well ahead of competition has lead to the quick growth of the group.

Anil Reddy focuses on delivering strategic partnerships in the branded beverage marketing for the Reddys group. Anil’s “just-in-time” process definitions across the shores, without compromising on client satisfaction, has saved a lot for the group’s bottom line and has helped the group build a solid reputation as a beverages and beer market leader.

Known for his eye for detail, Anil picks the right talent for the right job. Staff and teams adore him because of his friendly and motivating spirit that nurtures teams even in harsh conditions.

Anil Reddy holds a bachelors degree in Commerce from Loyola College of Madras, India and a Masters in Business Administration from ITM, India.

Y.S. Sunil Reddy:

Founder and Managing Director of Reddy’s Global Industries, Y.S.Sunil Reddy handles the group’s strategy and planning, financial operations, investor relations, purchasing, facilities and order management. Sunil is much respected for his business acumen and admirable ability to turn-around any loss-making enterprise into an enviable and profitable venture. Sunil planned and executed the group’s foray from Beverages to beer markets. He is a highly successful business person with a thorough understanding of the challenges and nuances of horizontal integration of products and services.

He drives every miniscule effort of the group to deliver high quality products and services to customers. His leadership, technology insight and operational expertise strengthen the Reddys Global Industries’ culture of “people-first.”

Sunil Reddy holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, from the Loyola College of Madras, India and a Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma City University, USA.

The Future

The group is supported by a strong team of professionals from beverage segments with an average of person years of experience across procurement, technology, logistics and consultation.

The group has set its eyes on expanding their reach across Africa in beer category, which is a very attractive long-term investment opportunity. Reddys Global Industries is galloping its way to regional expansion - organically and through acquisition.